Category: Retro Roadmap in The News!

Dec 22
House Beautiful Features Mod Betty’s Picks for 5 & 10 Shopping!

Mod Betty is a fan of the classic 5 & 10, so she chose a few for them to highlight…

Jul 01
Mod Betty to Speak at PA Statewide Conference on Heritage!

Hey gang! Just wanted to share some thrilling news that Mod Betty has been invitedĀ to…

Apr 05
Our First International Podcast Interview – Cocktail Nation w/ Koop Kooper!

Mod Betty is thrilled to have her first International Podcast Appearance on Koop…

Mar 25
Mod Betty Quoted to Help #SaveNYC [Every Little Bit Helps!]

Mod Betty knows the importance of fighting the good fight and helping to save…

Dec 09
Hemmings Motor News Digs Retro Roadmap!

Well this is a nice surprise! I just got a tip that Retro Roadmap is being featured on…

Oct 28
Retro Roadmap in the Boston Globe Sunday Travel Section – Mass Native Mod Betty is Thrilled!

This was quite a nice surprise to wake up to,my big beaming mug in the actual Boston…

Aug 16
Retro Roadmap Featured in Betty Magazine – UK !

I’ve always thought of Retro Roadmap as a great resource for international…

Jul 26
Retro Roadmap (and Mod Betty) Featured in Treasures Magazine – Oh Boy!

My mother recently subscribed me to some magazines without letting me know. So I…

Jul 24
A Shout Out From Uncle Atom!

I met internet pal Uncle Atom at the Old Sledworks in Duncannon PA, where I was so…

May 19
My Retro Roadmap Radio Interview Makes Front Page News at Vintage Allies Variety Broadcasting!

Oh boy – my online radio interview has made the front page at Vintage Allies…

Jan 13
PJ Pastry Shop Dedham MA – A Friends of Eddie Coyle Shot Brings Back Fond Memories!

Over the summer I had great fun sharing some Boston area locations from the…


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