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Mod Betty Retro Roadmap Vintage Car Exterior

Retro Roadmap Route 1 Saugus “Retro Fun Tour” Tips!

Mod Betty has always had a soft spot for Route 1 in Saugus Massachusetts, ever since she discovered it many years ago. The lights! The Signs! The Over The Top Architecture! To her- heaven. So many of these places are not here anymore, or are a shell of their former

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Walkin Nashville Logo Music City Legends Guided Walking Tour

Walkin’ Nashville – Guided Tours Retro Roadmap Style!

Mod Betty can’t be everywhere to show folks the cool vintage places, but if you’re in Nashville Walkin’ Nashville is the kind of  guided tour that is right up our Retro Roadmap alley! (Or should I say Printer’s Alley, since that’s included in the tour?!) The Music City Legends Tour offered

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The Palms Motor Hotel Neon Sign Portland OR 2015 Retro Roadmap

More Places For Yous To Goes = More Photos, Less Prose!

Gang – Mod Betty hasn’t been meaning to hold out on you, but when she was perusing her photos yesterday she was simply aghast at how many Retro Roadmap worthy places we’ve been to but not posted on Retro Roadmap to share with you all. Like this gorgeous neon sight

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Mod Betty Retro Roadmap Vintage Car Exterior

Retro Roadmap – Found by “Find Everything Historic”!

Mod Betty is always happy to spread the word about Cool Vintage Places (and Retro Fun!) so when Meggen Taylor of Find Everything Historic asked for an interview, Mod B was more than happy to oblidge! Find Everything Historic is “The leading real estate, travel, and design search platform exclusively

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Retro Roadmap Video Episode 12 - The Colonial Theatre Phoenixville PA

The Latest Retro Roadmap Video – We Did It! Episode 12

We did it!! 12 – count ’em TWELVE – video episodes of Retro Roadmap have now officially been created and shared! This was our original Kickstarter goal and I am so proud and thrilled to have gotten to this point in the project. Of course (it goes without saying but

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ollies trolley dc

The Lum’s OllieBurger Lives On – A Culinary Timeline

Retro Roadmap Reporter Keith Valcourt spied Ollie’s Trolley on his recent jaunt to Washington DC and suggested it as a possible addition to Retro Roadmap, based on the date on their sign. Alas, Mod B can be quite the stickler (or stinker, say some) when it comes to what graces

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Route 66 Wall Decor Dublin Ireland

Vintage America – Popular The World Over!

Mod Betty can’t help it (she can’t help it, the girl can’t help it!) – even when traveling overseas her eyes are attuned to spying the vintage and the retro. So even in Ireland while she was truly enjoying what that beautiful country has to offer and is famous for,

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Mod Betty to Speak at PA Statewide Conference on Heritage!

Hey gang! Just wanted to share some thrilling news that Mod Betty has been invited to speak at the upcoming Pennsylvania Statewide Conference on Heritage! Thanks to YOU readers and supporters of our successful Retro Roadmap Video Series Kickstarter Campaign, Preservation Pennsylvania has asked me to discuss my experiences with crowdsourcing

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Retro Roadmap Meetup Sine's 5 &10 Quakertown PA June 2015

Retro Roadmap Meetup at Sine’s Five and Dime a Success!

We had a great time at Sine’s Five and Ten in Quakertown PA, meeting fellow Retro Roadmappers, eating lunch/breakfast/ice cream at their lunch counter, and shopping for fun 5 & 10 finds! If this sound like fun to you – join the Retro Roadmap Meetup group – click here! We’ll

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