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Charles Sheeler (1883-1965), Bobbe Arnst, Vanity Fair, July 1, 1928. © Conde? Nast.

Jazz Age Fans! Charles Sheeler: Fashion, Photography and Sculptural Form

Retro Roadmappers who dig jazz age fashion, photographs and fun – the Charles Sheeler: Fashion, Photography and Sculptural Form exhibit at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown Pennsylvania is for you. The Photos This groundbreaking multimedia exhibit features a large number of never-before displayed fashion photographs from Vogue

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Retro Roadmap Recommended Books! Online Pop-Up Shop

Mod Betty always encourages folks to shop in actual authentic vintage shops whenever possible, but sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why I’ve created this fun little Retro Roadmap pop-up shop on Amazon filled with some of my very favorite Retro Roadmap Recommended

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Classic Car Museums Guidebook – Roadsters Unite!

As a budding Retro Roadbook writer, Mod Betty knows the hard work that goes into creating a guidebook and publishing it independently, so she was thrilled to see Michael Milne’s 2 year jaunt to catalogue the classic car museums in the US become a print reality. Go, MM! If you’re

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Route 1 Saugus Mini Golf Closing 2016 Retro Roadmap

Route 1 Mini Golf Closes For Good 9/25 – Get There Now!

Well, we got an extra season more than we expected, but now officially the Route 1 Saugus Mini Golf empire is closing on September 25th. Another disappearing icon in what used to be a great strip of “Saug-vegas” – and especially that iconic orange dino: We had a great Retro

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Retro Roadmap Roadbook Book Cover - Mod Betty -

Introducing: The Retro Roadmap Roadbook Series!

Even though she’s too busy to begin with, Mod Betty is following through on an idea she’s had for far too long: The Retro Roadmap Roadbook series! My plan is to create one for each state, and thanks to the modern convenience of online self-publishing services, I figure that can keep me busy

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