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Charlotte North Carolina Roadtrip!

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the moooorning! Except that we’re about an hour out in Virginia! Heading to Dude’s Drive in for breakfast with real Virginia Country ham – yum! Then we’re southbound to North Carolina, hopefully stopping in Mount Airy- the town that the

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Lancaster PA Retro Vintage Road Trip Fun!

I just had one of the best days of retro roadmap vintage fun today in Lancaster County PA and can’t wait to share it all with you! I will write up proper postings for each place but here’s a sneak peek of some of the retro fun I had in

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Mad Men Yourself in Real Life on Mad Men Mondays!

If any of you folks are fans of the show Mad Men, please join me in celebrating my latest invention– Mad Men Mondays! I watched the first episode of the season last week and when I was getting ready for work Monday morning I decided to pretend that I was

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Sad News Flash- Les Paul Dead at 94

“Somewhere there’s heaven, it’s where you are…” Just heard on the internets/Twitternet that Les Paul has died. So glad we got to see him earlier this year, it was a great show from the “Wizard of Waukesha”. He played many of our faves and really inspired us in the fact

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Decoupage Retro Inspired Purse - Retro Roadpurse

Retro Roadmap Birthday Purse!

Hello folks! I’m back and have plenty of useful and cool Retro Roadmap info to blog about, but before I get to ANY of that I wanted to share with you one of the absolute coolest birthday presents I got from my crafty pal CP. Check our the handmade one

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My Birthday, Retro Roadmap Style!

It happens to everyone and today it happens to me – it’s my birthday 🙂That doesn’t mean I won’t be working hard to bring interesting stories and content to Retro Roadmap, oh no! Here’s what I have up my vintage sleeve: The Algonquin Hotel– As posted earlier in the year,

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Chronicle TV show “Goes Retro” Along With Me!

My mother was kind enough to leave a message here at my sister’s house, to let me know that the local Chronicle TV show was “Going Retro” tonight, and sis was cool enough to DVR it as I was out with pals. They covered some of the places that I’ve

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Blobfest 2010 Map, Phoenixville PA – Retro Roadmap Style!

Since we’re local to Blobfest, an annual tradition here in Phoenixville PA, celebrating Steve McQueen and that great 1958 horror movie classic The Blob,  I thought I’d try and be the  “Retro Roadmap Hostess-with-the-Mostess” and make it easy for out of towners to check out some  our fave places in

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Updates- Blobfest, Jimmy John’s, Pink Motel ‘n’ more

Just a quick update with some good news here at Retro Roadmap headquarters: We’ll be posting a link to our “Insiders guide to Blobfest” soon! Thrilled to have permission to reprint The Vintage Traveler’s info about the Pink Motel. Thanks Fuzzy Lizzie, hope to get more reports from the road

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What’s On Your Local RetroRoadmap?

Do you have RetroRoadmap-worthy places close to where you live? Or does your version of a retro roadtrip mean driving  4-eva to locate one authentic vintage place ? Maybe I’m just lucky that I live in the part of the country where everything is closer together. I’ve got Speck’s, a

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