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Sep 05
You Ought To Know! PBS WHYY TV Mod Betty Appears Again!

Mod B is thrilled to have been invited back for another appearance on WHYY TV…

Sep 04
AARP and Mod B – Retro Roadmap Featured on AARP Instagram Stories!

This was a lot of fun! AARP and Mod B at Termini Bakery! Click here to see their…

Sep 03
Pennsylvania Historic Preservation – Getting to Know Mod Betty…Better!

Part 2 of my interview with Pennsylvania Historic Preservation can be found here!…

Aug 22
Pennsylvania Historic Preservation – Getting to Know Mod Betty!

Well this was nice! Local architect and pal Tom Carnevale of Carnevale Eustis…

Jul 24
Guest Post – Route 206 New Jersey Fun and Finds from Bordentown Walking Tours

Retro Roadmappers! It’s always nice to know I’m not the only one who likes…

Jul 17
This Just In! Mod Betty on WHYY You Oughta Know – July 18 – Here’s The Link To Watch!

This just in! Mod Betty  on WHYY “You Oughta Know” Thursday 7/18, 7:30pm…

Jul 16
Retro Roadmappers Get Engaged at Scott’s Catskills Maisel Weekend – Mod Betty Loves This!

Retro Roadmappers – Mod Betty just loves Love, and what could be more…

Jun 02
Mrs. Maisel’s Filming Locations – Scott’s Family Resort in the Catskills! [CLOSED 2020]

January 2020: I am heartbroken to report that Scott’s is not opening for the…

May 23
Motels Are Back And Cooler Than Ever – Opines Mod Betty in Canada’s Globe and Mail!

  As you all know, Mod Betty is a fan of taking something old and bringing it…

May 17
Vintage Village Diner Steps Back In Time With Retro Guests – Including Mod Betty!

  What  a fun time we had at the Village Diner – glad everyone else enjoyed…

May 07
Jersey Bites Retro Roadmap Writeup – by History of Diners in New Jersey Author Michael C. Gabriele!

Mod B was thrilled to see History of Diners in New Jersey author Michael C. Gabriele…

Apr 27
BBC Travel asks and Mod Betty Shares: Featherstone Pink Flamingos – a Retro Roadmap Fave!

Mod Betty has been a fan of the Massachusetts made pink flamingos since her teen…


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