Category: RIP

Aug 03
[CLOSED]Cinema 16:9 at the Lansdowne Theatre – A Retro Roadmap Reader Recommendation

What used to be called the Lansdowne Theatre in Lansdown PA is now the home to Cinema…

Jul 30
[ DEMOLISHED] Circus Drive In Restaurant – A Perfect Retro Road Trip Excuse

May 2018 – Grief stricken Mod Betty is dismayed to report that the Circus Drive…

Apr 11
[CLOSED] Tiki Room Hidden in Suburban Boston – South Pacific, Newton MA

2012 Update: CLOSED Mod Betty is So Sad to Report that South Pacific Has Closed.…

Mar 21
[CLOSED] Irving’s Toy Store – At 97 Ethel Weiss Still Going Strong

Thank you to Retro Roadmap Reader Monique who alerted me to the passing of Ethel Weiss…

Jan 06
[CLOSED] Thomas Brothers Country Store Biglerville PA – This is IT!

2018 Update: Sadly, proprietrix Marion Thomas Harbaugh passed away in 2015 at age 91.…

Nov 28
[CLOSED] Patsy Cline Shrine – Gaunt’s Drug Store & Pharmacy

UPDATED = Just was told (March 2015) that Gaunt’s is now closed. 🙁 We…

Nov 23
[CLOSED] Tra-la-la-la Triangle – Triangle Diner – Not Open Yet, but Lookin Good!

While we couldn’t eat at the Triangle Diner in Winchester VA, how could we not…

Oct 28
[CLOSED] Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn NJ

Sad Update: June 2014 Weber’s never opened this season and is up for auction. So…

Oct 28
[CLOSED] Weber’s Drive-In Stratford NJ

UPDATE February 2016 – Sad to report that Weber’s is for sale, and the…

Sep 17
The Very Best (Closed 2015), Weitzenkorn’s, and a Vintage Pan Am Bag – the Pottstown Lattice of Coincidence

I totally dig the kismet of the internets sometimes- and our visit to The Very Best…

May 19
[CLOSED] Pago Pago Milford, MA Chinese Restaurant and Tiki Destination to Close This Saturday – Bummer!

RetroRoadsis just called me about the sad news that Pago Pago in Milford MA, a tiki…

Apr 20
[CLOSED] J & O Fabrics – Vintage Inspired Fabric Wonderland and Retro Bark Cloth Destination

2017 – No More Mod Betty Dresses! Mod B swung by J&O since she was in the…


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