Category: Retro Roadmap in The News!

Sep 15
Retro Roadmap Gets Vintage Pinup Magazine Spread Feature!

While just a wee bit racier than our normal Retro Roadmap fare, I just had to share…

Jul 03
Article on Hirsch’s Market Closing Features Retro Roadmap Photos

Thanks to some local folks I was hepped to the fact that our local paper The Phoenix…

Jun 30
Retro Roadmap on The Radio Thursday July 1 – Turn it Up!

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to promote my Retro Roadmap Vintage…

Jun 28
Retro Roadmap Diner Photo Exhibit in Wildwood, NJ July 2010

For Immediate Release: Retro Roadmap Photographer Exhibits in Wildwood, NJ Beth…

Dec 21
Retro Roadmap Readers Reward – Discount Show Tix – ends Jan 3!

Just a quick holiday reminder that because you’re such a loyal reader of Retro…

Sep 11
Retro Roadmap Receives Award, Pays It Forward

Thank you Fuzzie Lizze of The Vintage Traveler for bestowing upon Retro Roadmap the…

Jul 30
Retro Roadmap on Caribbean Motel Front Page!

Check out the swanky graphic the Caribbean has on their front page, featuring the…

Jul 29
Retro Roadmap Featured on Festival Of Postcards

I’m working like a busy bee through all of the great Mass places I’ve been…


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