Category: RIP

Jun 09
[CLOSED] Come Eat – at the Kumm Esse Diner Myerstown PA

June 2015 – Diner guy Larry Cultrera informs that the diner has been sold, and…

Jun 03
[CLOSED] The Golden Door Motel – Osage Beach, MO

From our new pals at Oklahoma Modern here’s a neat little video they made about…

May 22
[CLOSED] Hansen Brothers Store-y Stoughton MA – Help A Sister Out!

I’ve driven past this place a bazillion times since my sister and her husband…

May 18
[ RIP ] Hello, Dolles! Rehoboth Beach DE Taffy, Popcorn and Fudge

2020: Sadly Dolle’s is closed and will be demolished.  🙁 Original 2009 Posting…

May 02
[GONE 2015] Muffler Man – Havre de Grace MD

2018 Update: Sad to report the muffler man has been removed from this site. According…