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Big Shows on The Big Screen – A Retro Roadmap Must Do!

I realize I’m lucky living just up the street from a great single screen movie theater ( The Colonial – Home of The Blob – in Phoenixville PA) – I commented as much to Retro Roadhusband as we were sitting there this afternoon, sharing a bag of popcorn and waiting

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Retro RoadDog Approves Of The New Digs

He knows I set up the desk so the warm air blows on my feet. We both want the cozy spot in the room!  Once we get everything plugged in properly and the wires neatened up I think we’ll make him a little fort under my desk. It’s always nice

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Retro Roadmap HQ 2010 Relocation – Hooray!

That is the official way of saying “I now have a place to sit and write that isn’t the kitchen table”! In the few years we’ve lived in The Hacienda the front bedroom has changed from “space to be creative in /guest room” into “space where I get dressed for

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Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to say Thank You to everyone who has stopped by Retro Roadmap, posted comments, offered suggestions and shared information about cool old places to visit. I’m looking forward to 2010 being a swell year for Retro Roadmap and am excited by the fact that there seem

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Christmas Croquettes at The Fisherman

The nice note I got about my post on The Fisherman Restaurant in Phoenixville PA reminded me that Retro Roadhusband and I had not been there in ages. We went there tonight for dinner, and basked in the glow of their cheery Christmas decorations, while dining on my fave chicken

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Thank You to my Retro Roadmap Readers

I’ll be blogging lots more this long weekend as I’ve got so much fun stuff to share, but in the spirit of the day, I want to take a minute out to say thanks to all of you, my Retro Roadmap Readers. Thanks to everyone who has visited my website

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Successful Retro Roadtrip to Mass!

Can’t wait to share all the neat places we were able to visit in such a short weekend- home made donuts, duckpin bowling, vintage dinering, hotdogs and popcorn, cool signs, antique merry go rounds, more donuts and some old school red sauce Italian food! We’ve got plenty to be thankful

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Retro Road Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve returned from Mass (and boy are my arms tired!) after having to omit nearly everything Retro Roadmap related from my agenda, but as one of the John Lennon said, ” Life is What Happens When You Make Other Plans” The weather was lousy for taking photos but good for

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Roadtrip Stop

Friday the 13 hit my roadtrip to Mass when I locked my keys in the trunk of my car at work! Luckily I had my RetroRoadHusband in shining armor come to my rescue, but the time wasted totally threw off my plans to Retro Road trip my way up and

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Massachusetts Bound – Retro Road Trip!

I’m looking forward to heading home to Massachusetts on the next 2 weekends coming up – and also checking out some places for Retro Roadmap along the way (as you can see below): ( the behind the scenes maps at Retro Roadmap headquarters) Do you ever make the drive from

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I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

Unlike Hank Snow or Johnny Cash, I haven’t been everywhere, man. But if I had been everywhere, the map might look a little bit like this: Retro Roadmap’s Official I’ve Been Everywhere Map Just a bit of silliness!

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Retro Roadmap Worthy – Americana in Focus

Thanks to our pals over at RoadsideOnline I was able to watch the video about Bengie’s Drive In Movies – which is being featured on’s Americana in Focus. My dear departed father in law Bob took a photo of Bengie’s marquee for me, so I alway think of him

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